Taken for Granted

I silently close my eyes

Close them for what they worth

I silently prayed enclosing my hands

Praying that everything ends tonight

I silently opened my eyes

Opening them while hesitating to do so

I silently stared at the world

Staring at what seems to be my last

I silently turn my head towards the left

Turning to look at the people who left me

I silently looked at my right

Looking at an empty space where I will be

I silently allowed my tears to fall

Allowing them to release some of the hurt

I silently held my hand to my chest

Holding them in front of my heart

I silently end this worthless life dominated by cruel people

Ending a cruel world where humanity is nothing but an abstract

I silently stopped myself from ending my world

Stopping myself from taking away my own life

I silently realize I still have a purpose

Realizing that I could stand for others the same as me


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